Probate & Estate Litigation

Probate & Estate Litigation

Along with the growing geriatric population in our nation comes increased litigation over property rights associated with their estates. These cases often involve a volatile mixture of distrust between family members and substantial estate assets. Smith Weber has become the go-to firm for probate attorneys seeking trial counsel in lawsuits involving disputes over multi-million dollar estates.

The partners of Smith Weber collectively command almost a century to trial experience. We have assisted individuals and businesses litigate cases in both state and federal courts throughout Texas and Arkansas, as well as in Louisiana, Oklahoma and California. Our attorneys are available to assist you in evaluating your options, providing practical and prudent legal advice, and developing a strategy for efficient management of your case.

In recent years, we have handled probate and estate claims involving:

  • Management of Trust assets
  • Disputes over property
  • Competency of testators and trustees
  • Undue influence
  • Breach of fiduciary duty
  • Will contests

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