Nursing Home Negligence

Nursing Home Negligence

Unfortunately, entrusting the care of loved ones to nursing homes may unwittingly expose family members to abuse or neglect. These healthcare facilities have crafted multi-layered corporate shells to shield themselves from liability stemming from cases in which its residents suffer serious injury or death. It is imperative to retain experienced trial counsel to assist you aggressively pursue the parties responsible for your loss.

The partners of Smith Weber collectively command almost a century to trial experience. We have assisted individuals and businesses litigate cases in both state and federal courts throughout Texas and Arkansas, as well as in Louisiana, Oklahoma and California. Our attorneys are available to assist you in evaluating your options, providing practical and prudent legal advice, and developing a strategy for efficient management of your case.

In recent years, we have handled nursing home claims involving:

  • Failure to property treat
  • Failure to timely diagnose
  • Bodily injury and death
  • Abuse / Neglect

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