Local Counsel

Local Counsel

The attorneys of Smith Weber provide critical assistance to businesses and law firms in all areas of complex litigation and class action lawsuits. Depending upon the needs of any particular case, our role as local counsel may extend far beyond providing "local counsel" advice.  It is vital to the pursuit of successful litigation to know your market, jurors, local customs, and most importantly to know the judiciary and its practices. Our attorneys are astutely familiar with these vital aspects of litigating cases in northeast Texas and southwest Arkansas. At Smith Weber we have the ability, through decades of active trial experience, to provide a local perspective to law firms throughout the nation. We are also able to provide critical assistance as trial counsel actively involved in the prosecution and/or defense of the case. To set up a consultation to discuss Smith Weber's role in your case, please contact our office or complete the form below.


Smith Weber accepts case referrals from attorneys licensed in other jurisdictions, as well as fellow members of the State Bar of Texas and Arkansas Bar Association. To set up a consultation, please contact our office or complete the form below.


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